Safe Crypto Investment in Bear Markets (Yieldnodes)

The safest crypto investment, even in bear markets is Yieldnodes! In this …


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  2. yield nodes is growing world wide and things are going great but sadly there are lonely frustrated people on here who comment because they have been burned by things online well yield nodes has plenty of money they do not NEED your money this is NOT a gifting Loom or money circle for if it was, then yn would have no money so that clearly proves it right there

  3. yield nodes is great ! its fun and it is exciting and thousands of people are joining it, no it is NOT A GIFTING loom or circle , it is fun passive money and if you are a hater thats naturally ok to be skeptical but don't ruin it for us on here who are making money

  4. hello good afternoon if you can make a video about forexfury v4 for a 1000 dollar account setup since most of them start with that capital and what time should I use for my broker which is in london time thank you very much and I love your videos and your channel.

  5. Thank you for the video. The investment seemed to be doing well and the team is very transparent which I like. I can see it lasting a long time as they are constantly trying new cryptos

  6. Here are the facts for all the doubters on here; No one is EVER going to lose one PENNY with yield Nodes ,, there are people on here claiming this without proof or evidence !! YN has been around now over two years and the worst that ever happens is sometimes people have a month where they "didn't" earn anything ,..( but usually they do,..and they get A LOT TOO ) IT IS MASTERNODING ,..everyone must go through the Nodes ,..its sorta like owning a cell phone antenna ,.YN is excellent AND SAFE ! I have thoroughly researched it now and i was very super skeptical at first, only way you can lose all is if btc goes to absolute zero in value ,..which can never happen !!

  7. I made the O face for the graph. :O. I looked into this one earlier & signed up for it already. I was a bit confused what it was before. I thought it said maximum 250k, but if you let that compound you could get another Porsche. lol. Or I guess put your profits into an account for someone else to gain more compound interest. Keep going forever and ever…

  8. Great video mate, very entertaining and educational thanks. I also wanted to ask you which forex broker would you recommend that's does forex and cryptos as I'm getting back into trading and still unclear with trust with so many brokers around. Also I'm from Sydney. Thank you

  9. Thank you for your funny videos. Your information is really useful for me. This month I have done my first withdrawal and I am sure everything is going well next July.

    Keep going!

  10. Is the investment go accumulative or not? I mean, is the daily profit added to the wallet and being invested? As if I deposit $1000 and my profit on the first day is $10, is the $10 being added to $1000 as on 2nd day the robot will investe $1010 or not?

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