Robinhood Dogecoin Wallets Truth EXPOSED ⚠️

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  1. We are on to you Robinhood. Release the wallets!

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  2. If this is the reason, I will never use robinhood again. My plan was just to let it sit and spend it over the yrs, but I refuse to do business with a company that involves a feb 2022 rollout.

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  4. Not like you need the help or dogecoin but just more fun if you did videos for Hokk as well not a lot of your time I know your a very busy man l, but if you can go in your schedule be cool !

  5. Matt I got TKing via Uniswap. They went to V2 my balance is $28 showing on Coinbase wallet. When I click on Tking in wallet it brings up two Tking entries with same $375 balance. They keep telling me put new contract number in….I see the contract number but where I entering it. Metamask users show a big spike and Uniswap users look like we got screwed. I've been a die hard Dogecoin holder… in this coin bc u recommended it and I thought it was a.good opportunity. Looks like you transfered yours no problem…can you help me PLEASE?

  6. I don’t see what the problem is…. if anybody here has their Doge in RobinHood and want to leave so badly. Just sell all your Doge into Fiat & buy Doge in some other place that has wallets. It’s simple just like that. Smh

  7. It's because there selling doge they don't own and been getting away with it like they did with amc and gme , they never had the shares ! Period facts 100%

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