Paul Oakenfold album to launch on Cardano network

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is working closely with EDM DJ Paul Oakenfold to release his new album ‘Zombie Lobster’ on the Cardano network, including the cover art, songs, and sleeve notes.

Hoskinson and Oakenfold, alongside dance music entrepreneur Alon Shulman also revealed this past Monday that they’ll be releasing thousands of NFTs of unique digital art pieces on Cardano.

Hoskinson said this project will allow Cardano’s technology to connect to the creativity of artists like Oakenfold.

“Getting to learn about the electronic music industry, and how the blockchain can support it has been a revelation,” Hoskinson explained.

“Understanding how a blockchain like Cardano can benefit producers and managers like Alon Shulman, artists like Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox, organisations like Universe and labels like Awesome Soundwave and Perfecto and the scale of what they achieve will enable us to connect our technology to their creativity.”

Oakenfold is a three-time Grammy nominee and he discussed his reasons for his collaboration with Hoskinson and the influence Shulman had on his final decision.

“Alon Shulman asks ‘why?’ and then makes the impossible possible,” Oakenfold said.

“He always tells me we are only limited by our imaginations and with his synergy with Charles Hoskinson, there is clearly no limit to what we can achieve together.”

Musicians in the EDM scene has made waves in the crypto scene with artist 3LAU founding Royal, a platform that enables artists to crowd-fund creative projects using smart contracts that will provide investors with royalties from the project.

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