NFT crypto (Non fungible token) with Layah Heilpern

NFT = non-fungible token. In this episode of Blockchain Basics, we take a look at the emerging asset class of NFT crypto tokens. Non-fungible tokens are closer …


  1. I am interested to know where people think Syscoin LUX developed by Blockchain Foundry fits into this. It launches next Friday and seems like it's going to be massive. I would appreciate any thoughts people had. Thanks

  2. You need to cover Ethverse!!! It's a crypto gaming metaverse on Grand Theft Auto V, with Layer 2 Wallet Launch April 15th, Business NFT launch 22nd April and in game rewards May 6th! It has a market cap of 5.7million. Seriously flying under the radar!

  3. What the actual fuck is she talking about? I guess I’m just an old millennial and don’t understand this stuff. Why would anyone buy land in a fucking computer game? If it’s not tangible, besides music, why would you want it? I don’t want a digital painting to put in my fake house in my fake world. Get me off this rock

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