My FAVORITE Crypto Project Ever (The Next Polygon)

I sat down with the CEO and Founder of Cartesi, Erick De Moura. He’ll provide us with the latest Cartesi updates and outline the future of CTSI. Cartesi (CTSI) is …


  1. Soon to be my favorite is poly launcher, a newly launched Blockchain aimed at increasing speed and eco-friendly to both investors and members, partnering with polygon cannot go wrong

  2. C'mon we all know this guy is just pumping his coin because he's partnered with them so he is filling his bags. Once his bags are filled he dumps on you and laughs. This guy is a joke.

  3. hahaha are you now ready all stupid people? hahaha xrp is dumping now to 0.3$ cents and bottomed to 0.1$ cents hahaha… stupid people dont believe me… hahaha.. bitcoin will visit 18k usd and bottomed at 8k usd to fill cme futures gap.. hahaha.. stupid people hahaha … xrp will pump and revisit 1$ in year 2024 after the bitcoin halving.. hahaha

  4. That 93% linux stat is complete BS overall. He's not even in the ballpark of being correct. In the "top" anything (e.g. 1000, 1M), linux is around 50%. Maybe 93% of the top crypto sites/projects?

  5. use your heads people, check the charts july 11 when this video was published.., he pumped and dumped on you with this coin. albeit it was a weak one, your losing your power bitboy

  6. O.K.,
    I am going to buy another crypto……..I have 35 now….can't wait for next week's recommendation. Meanwhile….everything just keeps going down.

  7. Check out vnla vanilla network if you like gasless feeless betting. On matic, releases Aug 14th. Not only has poker and casino stuff, but also head to head betting like sports bets or anything you want to bet on. First one of its kind. Also the token will be used in a virtual metaverse in the future where people can run and build there own buildings like casinos ect and own then with nft. Btw deflationary from 1m tokens down to 100k tokens which let's them have crazy good staking rewards

  8. You guys are bums. You want to know about good projects and then when Bitboy puts something out your blast him. He has over 1mil followers, of course his mentions will pump

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