MAJOR Dogecoin UPDATE Matt Wallace ⚠️

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  2. this little kid telling lie everything about dogecoin, all news about dogecoin growth is fake, elon musk never accept dogecoin shameful coin

  3. Excellent video, but you see trading crypto currency required more than just a primary knowledge to trade with a crypto currency, it is adviceable to trade with an expert to avoid unnecessary losses.

  4. I’m holding but I’ll say this the doge hold is frustrating how can a crypto have so many uses and so much support and pull…be struggling and dwindling between 29 and 30 something cents …support from mark cuban and the nba should’ve been enough to make this crypto skyrocket to atleast minimum two dollars by now with each passing week it’s getting harder to hold onto doge but im in for the long haul

  5. Hokk is done Matt back in dogecoin should of never left everything is ringing on dogecoin. Elon and Vatalik on dogecoin board it’s a wrap dogecoin will soon be on its way buy now

  6. With all the updates this year just alone Dogecoin is still way under valued it should be $0.70 – $0.90 and by November and December it should be $1.60 – $1.90 just my opinion what do you all think?

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