IA Q&A: Crypto Bull & Bear Run, Exit Strategies, Staking, Timing, Bitcoin Dominance and CryptoKids

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  1. Invest answers what do you think of silver meaning silver is the best conductor for electricity and with all the mining going on it will be worth a fair bit in 6 to 10 years

  2. Hi James. What are your price targets for this bull market on LINK. SOL. BNB. DOT. VET. LTC. MATTIC. and ADA? Should I go to your Patreon to ask this? Or would you do a video? I know it’s a lot to ask that’s why I’d be more than willing to sub to Patreon for those answers. This is the first time I’ve went all in on something and want to make my family proud.

  3. Thanks for another great video. I know we have spoken about Bitcoin proxy investments, but are there any Ethereum proxies? Here in the UK, we aren’t allowed to invest in eth or BTC etfs as retail, so I’d really appreciate that.

  4. James, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the channel. I love all the TA and DD videos. You're the only channel I turn notifications on for. Keep the amazing content coming.

  5. I just finished "The Sovereign Nation." Although it was written in 1997, it foretells need for something like bitcoin. Is there a more current book you recommend that projects what governments and economies will be like if bitcoin becomes the future store of money for the world. For example, how will essential services such as roads, fire departments, police, etc exist? What will banks look like? How will all the displaced workers (thousands of financial advisers, bankers) find employment. Will there still be stocks and a means for companies to fund operations? One thing I do not like about many bitcoin enthusiasts is their "f**k the establishment" attitude. Instead, we need to help the establishment see the need for bitcoin. If we are to convince the establishment that bitcoin is the future, we must provide a vision of how much better a society can be in a bitcoin environment.

  6. maybe u can look into mirror protocol on Terra (luna)

    u can liquidity stake shares – ust for A 80-90% apy

    seems good for tesla and other stocks since we probably don't expect them to boom the same way it did in 2020 (Impermanent loss will be limited)


  7. I'm struggling to understand why people sold at a loss to pay capital gains tax, surely if your money is still in bitcoin its not taxable until you cash it in?

  8. What are the chances the hedgies will tank the market with a few weeks after this current and rapid gains are happening just so they can and know the huge leverages people have taken thinking this is just the start of the next uptrend

  9. I have been working my trades for the past 2 months and have managed to now have 1.27 btc with an initial investment of 20k. Wish I had taken the plunge earlier.

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