Elon Musk New Dogecoin PFP ⚠️ HUGE HIDDEN MEANING ⚠️

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  1. Dogecoin to the moooooooooooooooon! 🙂

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  2. Doge will always keep a smile on Ourfaces,
    The best investing tip is to detach your emotions from the investment. You dont need a great mind to invest, but rather a great stomach, to deal with all the volatility

  3. Lol but Elon didn't even make that profile picture like you are suggesting. Sir Doge of the Coin on Twitter made it and Elon used it. So no, Elon didn't specifically pick that picture to photoshop a doge on the lens to be cryptic. Someone made it, he liked it so he used it. That's it.

  4. How blind can you be he use tesla money to pump doge and buy short contracts on tesla then sells doge to pump tesla again buys long contracts then buys the dip again on doge send some shit tweets to pump it again its an infinite loop

  5. if if if maybe maybe maybe could could could People there's more to crypto than scat wallace if he really wanted to give you all the best info available he would but hes not do your own Research and you find there's more to crypto than doge way better investments hes just cashing in on YouTube dont put all your eggs in the one basket doge has possibility's yes but there are better investments and hes not telling you about them

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  7. Elon Musk's profile picture is a great way to meme a pun. Musk and Devs overhaul of Doge behind the scenes + DDP (Dogecoin Dance Party) making moves + the song Jukebox Hero by Foreiner. "Stars in his eyes" –> "Doge in his eyes" = Genius made a joke so funny most will never laugh or understand.

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