Elon Musk Accepting Dogecoin

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  1. Exciting to watch! Dogecoin’s nowhere near it’s final form yet.

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  8. What if Elon Musk is playing with the emotions of Doge holders when he's actually already created his own coin? Or what if Vitalik has helped create an Ethereum version of Doge?
    $ELON 🚀
    Look up Dogelon Mars and see who you think is behind this coin!

  9. JB: "Hey E, I bought loads of Doge"
    EM: "It's cheap! I'll get loads too"

    Moments later…
    EM: 'Now watch this J, I'm gonna Tweet about Doge"
    JB: "Woah… It's rocketing sky high"
    EM: "LOL…the fools…Ok, ok, let's sell it now for a quick buck, and leave the fools holding the hot potato… LOL"
    JB: "LOL"
    EM: "Right… Let's repeat w BabyDoge"

  10. 😑🙄🤦🏼‍♂️Sooo 🤔…. I’m still trying to find out the time stamp in the video where it CONFIRMS that what you said is true “Elon musk is accepting DOGECOIN”.

    Also, your logic about Elon’s reply tweet on the photo of Jeff Bezos/Richard Branson fighting about going to space first with Elon coming in smacking them away with a bat is adorable & enthusiastic, BUT I believe incorrect & I’ll explain why…

    Clearly we see your view/perception of it all meaning that him responding to that picture with the statement “but can I pay in DOGE?” CLEARLY means that “Elon musk is accepting DOGE.” (Even though I believe you possibly meant Tesla)

    I believe that’s not the case, ALTHOUGH im a major dogecoin supporter/holder/believer & would ABSOLUTELY LOVE for that to be the true meaning of his statement, I believe what he is TRULY REFERRING TO is the fact that he is also sending a rocket to the moon to allow a human to walk the surface as are the other two in the photo BUT he’s saying oh that’s great they are doing this n that to get there BUT to get there/to help fund a rocket to get there “but can I pay in DOGE” meaning he’s made it so DOGE can be used to fund the mission as they haven’t done anything of the sort.

    THAT seems WAYYY MORE LOGICAL/PROBABLE to be his message from his statement on the photo VS him saying that to signal that Elon/Tesla Motors is accepting DOGEcoin….

    Just really think of it objectively & tell me, from a non bias opinion, which of the two seems to be more likely to be true?? 🤔💭



  11. Lately you are no longer talking FACTS. It’s just your OPINION and speculation now. YOUR speculation. Change it up bro. Or don’t post everyday if you can’t provide value.


  13. His first tweet “gender memes and mimes” is talking about Space Grime – GRIMEX token that was recently and anonymously created by Elon himself and named after his family Mrs Grimes and their son X Æ A-Xii.

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