Dogecoin Satellite Elon Musk GAME CHANGER ⚠️

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  1. Dogecoin satellites to the spaaaaaccccceeee! 🙂

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  3. The only ones making money with dogecoin are the 🐳 because even is elonk making all those moves the 🐳 al they have to do is sell and they will stop dogecoin of reaching his original price, we all should sell dogecoin and make the 🐳 sell too because more we hold more powerful they become.

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  5. Bezoge is the next Axie Infinity one to three years from now , Bezoge is a potential 8 billion marketcap token and 1,000x coin🚀🚀🚀 DYOR and then thank me later 😎

  6. Lol such a joke…doge doge doge

    If elon comes out and says he has sold all his doge for a, b, or c reasons doge will be back to what it really is a pointless meme joke coin…

    Without elon doge is nothing…you really think thats the best thing to invest in…a coin that does nothing but some eccentric billionaire likes…and before you say "it will never happen"…come on, he's tanked bitcoin and he owns by his own admission "more bitcoin than doge and ethereum BY FAR"…you don't know elon, you don't know his true motives, and you don't know who he's talking to…anything is possible…I just think it's ridiculous to put all your eggs based on the belief an elite billionaire who's primary focus is running his companies really puts a huge emphasis in his life dogecoin

    Other coins exist and thrive and are still ranked higher than doge in their own right without elon…why would you not at least explore those

    Also, Matt's hairline is receding bad…biggest tool on the internet

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  8. So let me get this straight, Elon owns Rockets to send things into space and he also owns starlink to be able to provide internet in basacly any part of the world. He also loves and wants Dogecoin to be the Crypto Currency of earth. Why would anyone doubt that he can make it happen??

  9. When I heard Tesla's doing that a satellite internet thing the entrepreneur Mexican in me said you can make internet cafe and charge for real good internet and coffee 😂

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