“Dogecoin About To Fall Off A Cliff” – Motley Fool

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  2. Motley Fool was saying Doge will never go up back when it was under 50 cents, shortly after Doge went up to 65 cents. Why anyone would trust Motley Fool is beyond me 😂

    Doge to the mooooon!

  3. Hey Matt, still loving your videos bro! Thanks for all the hard work you do in keeping us up to date with the mighty DOGE.

    While we all wait for dogecoin to climb back up, you might want to check out Golden Doge…. they reward their holders with daily BNB rewards. Only 7 days old, super early 🚀 🚀

    Contract address ends in: 6ffa9

  4. Whos Motley Fool in the cryptocurrency? That's right, no one.. they should stick to stocks and fundame talk that they know. They also said worst crypto stocks are coinbase, grayscale, microstrategy, riot. Numerous occasions. The have produced several articles like "3 reasons why bitcoin is a bad investment".. look through the negative articles related to crypto in general. They feel there is enough money to be made in stocks and they don't support cryptocurrency.

  5. Motley Fool has been WRONG on several stick predictions in the past, they stated that Hertz stock was worthless when it went to .50 cents and recently shot all the way back up to $8.00 dollars, the bankruptcy reorganization saved many stockholders in the end, Motley Fool never apologized as usual that they were wrong

  6. Great message here, there is a lot of work getting done behind the scenes by a lot of people who don't get paid to do this work. The doge team are doing a top job and are incredible people!

  7. Woah! Did dogecoin just pump a bit and now declining again but more than before!? Wow it’s exactly like I’ve been saying it’s been doing and going to do. Lmfao let’s watch it go lower than it was a few days ago lol

  8. Hey Matt i have an idea. If everyone sticks together, buys and hold, as we know the price goes up. So let's classify August 1st through August 7th to be "DOGE WEEK". Tell everyone to just buy and hold, NO SELLING ANY DOGE THROUGH THAT WEEK. Then lets see what happens. I know what will happen, we all win! So pass this around the net, make it "DOGE WEEK" lets try this, see if it works! Now lets go!!🚀🚀Maybe we can even get The Dogefather to classify 8/1 through 8/7…DOGE WEEK.

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