Dogecoin 🚨 VERY RARE 🚨 Chart Signal (Get Ready)

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  1. Signals often tell a lot. Dogecoin has spiked a decent amount just since the time this video was posted!

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  3. U r so selfish , coz of u I lost money in doge…it never recovered and never ever will be…don't fool common people who doesn't have much money…I invested $10k all in doge just by watching your videos..but doge is performing worst …it is not recovering as BTC…worst crypto ever

  4. Elon tweeted:
    The biggest bang theory
    There is a big bang coming in the financial world, especially in crypto world!
    Get ready boys, the big bangs coming
    Get ready for the ignition 🌋💥❤️

  5. How are you the first dogecoin "channel" You are just a guy on YouTube who loves dogecoin you dont do advanced technical analysis which is disappointing and there have been many many other guys who talk about dogecoin on a regular basis yearsssss before u arrived

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