Cryptocurrency "Cold Storage" Explained For Beginners! (w/ CRYPTOTAG Titanium Backup)

What is Cold Storage in terms of cryptocurrency wallets? What’s the difference between hot storage, cold storage, and deep cold storage? In this video, Adriaan …


  1. Nice, but I'm a noob. Police stations lend out engravers, so just need the metal. However metal detectors could find the buried metal. I think stone/rock is permanent, can be engraved with the police station engraver, and metal detectors can't find it.
    Also, what if the hardware wallet app thingy is no longer in use? Does this mean I can never recover my keys?

  2. Newbie question. How you transfer your Bitcoin portfolio from a platorm like Coinbase on to the wallet? Then conversely, if you want to go from HODL to sell, is that process equally as easy?

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  4. most btc related videos I always get skeptical about when the hustle happens, but this is imaginative and is why it is, with more peace of mind, thinking outside yet minding the ceremony experience. Makes you feel like an immortal in tombs raiding/establishing.

  5. It’s WAY WAY CHEAPER to get the raw metal yourself…. you can easily buy sheet metal (Stainless steel, Copper, Titanium etc) for 1/3-1/4 of the price. Some grades of sheet metal are almost 1/2” thick, which is way way overkill.

    16ga (1.6mm thick) BOCA plates 5”x8” can EASILY hold 2-4 24 seed words (depending on stamp size)… BOCA back plates cost $2 each and are made of steel with an electro plated galvanized finish… so it will hold up to corrosion better than regular steel. You can use an oiled rag to leave a protective layer of oil too.

    BOCA back plates are the same type of steel you find in computer cases etc… and they are WAY MORE INCONSPICUOUS and are used to protect pipes etc from nails. They can be found at any hardware store like Lowe’s etc.

    If someone breaks into your house and see a metal plate labeled “Crypto tag” or “crypto steel” or “bitcoin” THEY WILL TAKE IT!!! IMHO it’s a serious mistake to use a flashy product unless your gona bury it in the yard etc.

    I rather something that does no draw ANY ATTENTION…

    A good quality Number stamp set, depending on size, can be purchased from your local grainger for $30-50 and mallet type hammer from any hardware store for $15.

    The only real advantage I see with the commercial set up is that they have a 3D printed jig to hold the metal stamp… but you can perhaps use vice grip clamps or buy a commercial stamp holder (some hold many words at the same time!).

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