Cardano's Biggest Move (SoMee Highly Anticipated SAT Launch)

In this live stream, we will discuss a HUGE step forward for the Cardano community, as SoMee launches their SAT token on the Cardano blockchain. SoMee is a …


  1. Haha it's so funny to that so many people actually take some sort of weird offense to Cat lying down… haha… Guys please, The Cats a legend! Let him do what he wants!!!! What have you been building that's transforming our online/offline world into a world worth worshiping? 😻✊😊

  2. DGB coin, top notch coin but obviously you don't benefit from it so you won't promote it. Really nothing better in the crypto world than him !!!

  3. If "the cat" is on Ben's payroll… he should be told to sit up, act interested, and actually contribute something helpful. I was embarrassed for the show.

  4. I am all for a new SoMe, no censoring, and free speech! However, what happens when the nazi's move in? How does SoMee make sure to protect people against their own fallible psychology and heard mentality? The answer to the "content moderation" was pretty weak.

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