Breaking: Google Approves Bitcoin & Crypto (Greatest Opportunity for Ethereum & DEFI)

In today’s video, we will discuss Google approving Bitcoin and Crypto exchange ads. We’ll talk about the progress and the upcoming updates for Ethereum, …


  1. Speaking about crypto, what do u prefer?I chose WQT for their valid features, and staking rewards. Being confident I won’t waste my capital is truly a relaxing feeling. should I buy more? What do ya think?

  2. Why is it “Bitcoin and Crypto” isn’t Bitcoin itself a crypto currency? Therefore just saying Crypto would encompass all. There is definitely a concerted effort to try and separate Bitcoin from other crypto currency as if it is superior. It’s market cap is the largest and it’s more known…but alas old technology with on true use case except for “storing value” could lead to its downfall. Ether, ADA, and XRP seem to have a stronger use case and the latter two are more efficient.

  3. I’m out. This is not a serious asset class. Asset classes can’t be rekt by a single tweet. This market is just a manipulative joke now. The whole thing is a laughable meme. On to making serious money elsewhere.

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