bear market crypto strategy best buy the dip crypto strategy using defi yield farming protocol

There not many bear market crypto strategy out there, so in this video I will show you my personal strategy which can be used for bear market crypto trading.


  1. Don't sell your crypto at loss. Do this instead. If it already went down it feels bad to sell at loss and you might lose on the potential price increase. With this strategy you don't have to worry about volatility that much. Please use this as reference for when you decide yourself what the limits are that you want to go with. I was originally planning to release this strategy as a special when I reach 5k or 10k subs, but decided to release it now due to market movements and this could be helpful for many of my viewers. I still have a few more advanced strategies which I have not yet revealed. If you want to learn about them, be sure to subscribe and like the video.

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  3. It's always nice to have some extra stables, but why would you try to withraw them from aave to buy the dip? You can just swap your amUSDC(aave tokens you get for your USDC deposit) for amWETH or amBTC on 1inch or elsewhere when the dip happens and they'll be used as a collateral automatically(as you showed in "preparation" section)

  4. Not sure I really agree with your strategy. Basically you are saying that when you are at the precipice of liquidation, exchange your stable coin collateral for more "risky" assets – which have already fallen a great percentage. Its hard to time a falling knife and you put yourself at alot of risk of liquidation at that point. You also can't forget that you're accumulating interest on your borrowed collateral too.

  5. What is the point of this sleight of hand? If you have an external source of stable coins, you can add to your ETH bag any time you wish without risking liquidation and paying interest.

  6. Sorry I'm a bit confused, so essentially youre leaning into the health factor to buy the dip and then assuming that the price rebounds you then repay your loan and pocket the profits/add to original position? How many % down would you wait for before deploying the strategy? Seems the further down the more profit on the way up. Also, do you think a DCA bot might achieve a similar result without risk of liquidation?

  7. To try and simplify this for my brain, are you basically using your asset (wETH or wBTC) as collateral to borrow the stable coins, then if the asset drops in value you are using the borrowed stable coins to purchase more of the asset to bolster your position (at lower cost)? Also, once you lock in on the maximum LTV and liquidation threshold, can it change while your funds are in the position? IE those percentages stay the same regardless of market behavior once you lock in?

    I still have not put any funds into DeFi but I would like to play around with .1 Eth I've mined and see if I can gain a better understanding of how this all works. Thanks for the video and your time.

  8. Great stuff! You use perfectly the power of defi. I just want to add that with this strategy your hypothesis is that the crypto market will recover in short or mid term and the borrowing fees will stay low and aave will maintained matic incentives. If one of those hypothesis does not work your strategy will fail but I admit that the probability is very low :). Maybe an improvement to consider in your strategy, is to buy inverse BTC or Eth token on ftx with the half of the borrowed money. What do you think about that?

  9. sir , i'm sorry to bother you again , i bought BUNNY at 172 , and now its 15 dollar , i understand you make a great advice about BUNNY in other video , i wish i found your channel soon , I want to ask you a little question , can BUNNY get back to 170 dollar ? i just want get back money and send to CAKE , thank you so much

  10. Thank you for a great video. I just subscribed to your channel. I do have a question regarding how to exit this position. Let's say ETH dropped 30% and I used the borrowed USDC to purchase more ETH, would I be able to exit the position at that time? Or would I have to wait until the ETH moved up in order to exit?

  11. Thank you, I tried using the 1Inch ref address but it was a bit difficult to set up. Managed later on – a token of my appreciation for your work – but not sure it works for everyone. Cheers mate!

  12. Great video. Very underrated strategy for sure. Looking forward to the stablecoin video 🙂 I am considering putting into Venus. Do you think its as safe as aave?

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