AMC Stock EXPLOSION – Matt Kohrs REVEALS Huge New Info ⚠️

Amc Stock REAL PREDICTION REVEALED With Matt Kohrs during this bull market! Matt Khors channel: Channel membership …


  1. Think amc is dying down. The volume is going lower everyday. Amc is up and doge is down. Right now is a good time to buy the doge dip. Don't buy stuff at the top.

  2. Matt matt matt why dont we talk about your attempt to do a video claiming you were anonymous and apologized to Elon musk, but your laugh gave it away instantly. Dont you work for elon and live in a Manson style house…….. dude come on think it's funny anonymous blasted Elon and tesla for how they make 90% of there money from bitcoin and tweeting and crashing it so they could by cheap and sell after it went back up same with dogecoin. See some know the truth!

  3. Hey Matt, I enjoy the way you deliver the Crypto information but I usually have to go to other YouTubers that give updates on what the Wales are doing. Anyway you can incorporate a bit of this in your feeds??? Thank you.🚀🌕✌️

  4. Apes have most of the float in AMC. More institutional investors had the float in GME. When they sell, price drops faster.

    Just as GME apes still made a killing on the shorts squeeze, we will again along with AMC with our higher highs and higher lows each week.📈📈📈
    The revolution has begun if you haven’t noticed. Hedges gonna keep failing, and we take home epic💰🥳

    Many sincere experienced investors continue to cover AMC.🤗💰

    Whales are going to be stopped out!💪🏻

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