AMC Bitcoin & Dogecoin ACCEPTANCE!!!

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  1. Dogecoin + AMC = Moon πŸ™‚

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  3. The caption on your YouTube video is misleading plus you sound like you’re trying to force AMC to make a decision on having Dodge coin be excepted and you trying to use the dogecoin , community to bully AMC to do so. Now u talking about if amc don’t u finna sell your amc But yo caption say Bitcoins and dogecoin caccepted . Walking contradiction in a bully

  4. Please be aware the current administration in Washington dc is coming for your cryptocurrency. Introduction of the β€œStablecoin” will effectively shutdown (regulate into oblivion) Bitcoin et al. Biden thanks you for your vote, sucker !

    I come in peace✌🏾

  5. Tbh I've switched off from dodge untill the squeeze happens I know it will happen but sick of getting stressed at whales dangling the carrot then crushing it and I still love the dodge family just pissed me off when I see someone post to the moon then it crashes it's like really bruh

  6. If AMC does not accept doge as payment, i will be selling my AMC stocks, with that money, about 30000$ i will buy more Dogecoin, that is a promise.


  7. I really hate how everyone's on btc when it has an anonymous creator that has done nothing with the coin since 2008… All these people pushing it now didn't give it a second look prior to its spike at 19k

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